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Maasai Boy Survives Buffalo Attack

The African buffalo is the second most dangerous animal in Africa.

Buffalo’s are quite heavy, weighing in at 1.5 tons and, stand tall at 1.7 meters high and approximately 2.8 meters long. When these animals feel that they are in danger they attack head on, using their extremely sharp horns.

This is what happened to Lection this summer in Tanzania.

Lection was going about his daily business herding his cows when he stumbled across a herd of Buffalo.

The buffalo herd got startled and immediately went into defense mode and ran after Lection.

A buffalo can easily out run a human, and can get up to speeds of 35–40 miles per hour.

It hooked Lection with it’s horn in the inside of his leg throwing him to the ground. It then proceeded to stomp on his leg, crushing all the bones.

Lection had been herding his cows with some other boys, they also had with them a few dogs.

The dogs went into their own frenzy and miraculously scared the buffalo away.

By this stage Lection’s leg was severely damaged, but he was alive.

He was then taken to Meserani Snake Park to be cared for.

Meserani Snake Park is situated 20 minutes out of Arusha in Tanzania.

Here they have a free medical clinic that treats over 1000 patients per month all free of charge.

Lection was quickly evaluated, his leg was so badly damaged it was decided that he needed to be sent to the local hospital in Arusha for his leg to be amputated.

The procedure took place, Lection was then sent back to the Snake Park to recover and be cared for my the medical team at the clinic.

I meet with Lection not to long after his operation, he was in good spirits.

We took him soda’s and reading material, stuff like that.

Ma and BJ the owners of the park, kindly organized for Lection to get a prosthetic leg. Just one example of the fantastic work the people at the Snake Park do!

Lections only concern was that he wouldn’t be able to herd his cows.

So we sat with him and showed him some videos of other people that have had limbs amputated, that live a completely normal life.

He was amazed when we showed him, big smiles from ear to ear and then he asked, “Will I be able to bend me knee?”

He went for a few fittings and here is the end result.

Yes Lection can bend his knee.

One happy boy. He has made a full recovery and is looking forward to getting back to his daily life.

Lection is extremely lucky to be alive, and I do feel if it wasn’t for those dogs the outcome could have been far worse.

Please remember buffalo’s are aggressive, they may look harmless, they should not to be looked upon as an over sized cow.

Great work to the Snake Park for giving Lection a new start to life.


Tania Bale

African Art Online.Com

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Egyptian Cobra at Feeding Time

Feeding time for the Egyptian Cobra.

Although I do feel sorry for the little chicken, it is a fact of life, snakes eat chickens!!!!

This was filmed at Meserani Snake Park in Arusha, East Africa.

The snake park is a special treasure of Arusha, a wonderful source of enjoyment and relaxation for locals and foreign visitors.

It’s a wonderful place to visit and learn about all types of African Snakes, especially when you live in a country where there are no snakes.

There are approximately 48 snakes you can view, that are common in Eastern and Southern Africa.

The likely hood of seeing a snake in Africa is not likely.

My children where not at all upset by viewing this, if anything they found it educational, something to talk about with their friends.


African Art Online.Com

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Friends Reunite in Tanzania

Petros He Da Man

Madie & Ruby from New Zealand first meet Pietros back in 2008 at Meserani Snake Park, in Tanzania.

Every year they reunite. They have played and been friends ever since. 

He’s such a little gentlemen, he gave the girls the biggest hug when he saw them again. Bought tears to my eyes.

We went off around the park to show Pietro’s the snakes, Ruby’s jandal feel off so Pietro grabbed her foot and put her jandal back on for her, it reminded me of the Cinderella movie lol.

Madie is standing clear while Pietro’s holds a harmless grass snake.

Pietro’s showing the girls how brave he is holding the snake, as they wouldn’t hold it.

Then it was time to relax with a bit of coloring in.

He’s wonderful little boy, I’m sure he is going to grow up to be a fine young man.

“Good friends are like stars.You always don’t see them but you know they are always there….”

Kind regards

Tania Bale

African Art Online.Com

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Stupid Questions Common Sense is No Longer Common!

Day 3 in Tanzania

I’m living here at Meserani Snake Park visiting my mother and father in law.

The place gets many overland tourists passing through that ask the most bizarre questions whilst in the bar or on safari.

I’ve just been reading the Stupid Book that Ma has in the bar to record some of the funniest questions asked.

My ribs hurt from laughing so hard, so I decided to compile a few of them together out of hundreds for a bit of amusement, Enjoy. 

Q. Can we drink the water out of the toilets?
A. If you want to

Q. How many animals in the big five??
A. Ahh Duh 5

Q. If I phone my Mum now will she be home?

Q. Do Orphans go home on school holidays?
A. Far Out!!!!

Q. So what kind of animals do Zebra eat?

Q. So how do the animals walk into the
Ngorongoro Crater?.
A. Hmm they walk in!

Q. Eva asked if there was a different moon here than Australia?
A. Are you serious?

Q. Do you have the big five in your snake park?
A. Oh Lordy

Q. In the Serengeti “Are those white birds Penguins?” and again “I can’t wait to see Tigers” again Instructions given when rafting in Junja, ” Swim to the left” “How will I know which way is left” and again “Are Ostriches birds?”
A. Oh Dear from New Zealand right!!!!

Q. Do Giraffes hunt in packs?”
A. Hmmm let me google that lol

Q. Is that machine a Juke Box?
A. NO it’s a ice machine.

Q. After 3 hours in the crater, a girls asks “So where is this crater everyone talks about?”
A. No comment.

Q. So what time is it going to rain?
A. Where you born blonde?

Q. What is the gestation period for a Maasai woman?
A. That’s a trick question right?

Q. When will I see the naked people?
A. She seemed disappointed when told “People wear clothes in Africa”

Q. What type of animal is Mickey Mouse?
A. We’ll ummmm

Q. Are the beers in the fridge cold?
A. No the fridge is just there for show

Q. Will I need money in this country?.
A. No everything is free, Duh

Q. How do I hand wash my trousers?
A. Maybe with your hands.

Q. Can we buy slaves at the slave market?
A. W.T.F

Q. Can I have my Archers in a glass please?
A. We’ll where else am I going to put it?

Q. How long does it take for a Giraffes eggs to hatch? How do they berry the eggs?
A. I’ll just find out for you, and get back to you soon.

Q. What do you put in your ice machine to make ice with?
A. Ahhhh some mothers children.

Q. Why doesn’t that Cheetah have any spots?
A. Erm….because it’s a dog.

Q. If it rains in the Ngorongoro Crater will the Lions get wet?
A. Of Course!!!!

Q. Do Lions speak or understand Swahili?.
A. No comment

Q. Can we hold poisonous snakes?
A. Give it a go and see what happens

Q. How do you get your snakes?
A. Ebay

Q. What’s that lorry thing over there called?
A. I reckon it’s called a truck, but I could be wrong!!

Q. Do Vervet monkeys grow up to be Baboons?
A. Nuff said.

Q. Have you ever had a Lion walk through the bar?
A. Not for a few days, but you never know when they will walk in.

Q. What do Wildebeest do for visa’s when they get to the migration river?
A. There will be a immigration officer waiting at the river to issue 1.5 million visa’s to the wildebeest before they can cross.

Q. Passenger asks tour guide “Hey Amy are these African Elephants or Asian?
A. For frig sakes.

Q. Can we buy drinks in the bar?
A. No we just have them to make the place look pretty.

Q. If I do my own laundry will it dry faster? A. Probably not.

Q. Do Lions eat raw meat or cooked meat?
A. They actually prefer cooked meat, so after they have caught their prey, they gather around to build a campfire and then they BBQ it.

Q. Is the Kilimanjaro walk uphill?
A. If you can walk 19000ft high not uphill, you’ll get a medal.

Q. On the way to the crater a girl passenger asks the tour guide ” Do Elephants have belly buttons?” after stunned silence followed up with “Would they be innies or outies?”
A. No reply

Egyptian guy aged 42, says “This is my first time in Africa”
A. “Really…I wonder where Egypt is?”

Ma showing photo album to Jess “We came here in 93” Willy 14 says quietly to Jess ” “so is she 93”

Passenger says: “I think I have Malaria” Guide says “How many mozzie bites have you got?” Passenger replies: ” None” Stunned silence!!!!!

Passenger says “Oh look it’s an Emu! Oh no it’s an ostrich”. Guide says: ” We’ll obviously because Emu’s are extinct!”

Heaven help us!!!!! and some of these people teach our children….

Tania Bale

African Art Online.Com

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Tanzania Safari

Day 1

Hi all arrived safe and sound, had a great  trip  over to Tanzania, 5 planes plus a 4 hour entertaining road trip, dodging camels, cows, donkeys, goats and sheep strolling across the road on their way back to their village after a day out grazing in the wilderness,  

It took us approximately 36 hours to get here from New Zealand, all worth it though.

We arrived at Meserani Snake Park in the evening, all totally exhausted so it was off to bed for us.

I’m traveling with my 6 year old twins on my own, so even that can take it’s toll

Day 2

Bit jet lagged, wide eyed and bushy tailed, woke up at 4.30 this morning, listening to the creatures of the night, amazing sounds.

Had a lovely cooked breakfast yum, yum, have had about 4 cups of delicious Africafe coffee, god that’s the best coffee ever!

Had my morning  groom with my buddy Shawawa, she’s so cute.

Wildlife Anti poaching department confiscated her and bought her to the park to be looked after.

She comes from Southern Tanzania so it would be virtually impossible to introduce her to another troop of baboons. Baboons are very tribal and do not take lightly to strangers joining their troop. She would be injured in the process. Shawawa is very well looked after and loves the interaction with the visitors to the park.

The Snake Park looks awesome, so nice to be back and see everyone again.

We’ve got our summer gear on, sorry had to rub that in lol, we just left -8 back home.

Look we even have a gym in my lounge, no excuse now not to exercise.

We have some friends here from New Zealand, they just climbed Mt Meru and Mt Kilimanjaro the highest mountain in Africa, and the highest free-standing mountain in the world at 5,895 metres or 19,341 feet above sea level, they are pretty impressed with themselves. Thumbs up to them.

They have a beer here called Kilimanjaro, and a t-shirt that says, “If you can’t climb it drink it” I won’t be climbing it so I guess I better drink it..

Look what I found in my room!!! I’m such a girl lol, I had to get Ma to get this little fella out haha, We all know what eats frogs around the snake park!!!!

So for the next few days I’ll just be chilling before the adventures being.

Chat soon


Tania Bale

African Art Online.Com

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Useful Tips when Traveling To Tanzania

After living in Tanzania for 10 months and traveling back from time to time, I discovered some useful information which may be helpful when traveling to East Africa.

The 5 traveling tips I am referring to are solely based on Tanzania, East Africa; Africa is an extremely large place, so I am not referring to the whole continent.

1.  We all like to travel with some cash on hand. Tanzania’s currency is TZ shillings. American dollars is accepted in most places. The one thing that you may not be aware of that may cause some issues is. All foreign exchange outlets will not accepted any US currency older than the year 2000.The logic behind this is to try and fight counterfeiting. Please check all your American Dollars and save the inconvenience. As a side note credit card vacillates are available but always have plan B.

2.  Tipping in Tanzania is not compulsory but it is expected. If you are willing to tip then please add this cost into your budget. This can become a costly exercise .If you ask for directions, dine out; use public transport any kind of service then you will be expected to tip. If you take a photo of any local Tanzanian, you may be expected to pay. It is wise to always ask permission first. If you choose to tip, how much you tip is entirely up to you.

3.  If you are with a tour company please be aware that your driver or your tour leader will often earn commissions on any purchases you make, such as gift items, activities etc. The places that your driver or tour leader suggests that you go to could possibly be where they earn the best commissions, not necessarily the best option available for you. If possible do your own research before you leave on places you may wish to visit. Don’t be afraid to tell your driver or tour leader on places you may wish to visit.

4.  It is always good when traveling any where in the world to learn a little bit of the local language. In Tanzania the language spoken is Swahili. While most people do speak pretty good English it does pay to know some of the basics in Swahili. It can be to your advantage especially when you are shopping. The local people appreciate that you have taken the time to learn their language.

5.  If you are intending to shop, price haggling is common. You shouldn’t always accept the first price offered. One example of this, I entered a store and was interested in a piece of clothing. I asked how much for the item, the first price offered was $80 US dollars, I declined, I was then offered the item for $60 US dollars, I declined again, as the item was not worth any where close to this amount. I was just about to exit the store when the store owner yelled out okay $10 US dollars. Now that seemed more like it. Keep your wits about you when shopping.

All in all Tanzania is a wonderful and interesting place to visit, friendly people, fantastic game parks,  with a rich and diverse culture. If you do decide to visit Tanzania, I hope you find these tips useful.

Kind Regards
Tania Bale
African Art Online.Com

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