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Novica in Association with National Geographic

Novica in association with National Geographic has made a huge impact for many Artisan’s around the globe.

Novica was the  first-ever micro finance website where customers can purchase products and lend money directly to artisans.

Now,  into their 10th anniversary, Novica continues  helping artisans expand their businesses by providing access to micro credit.

In the Novica spirit, they cut out all the financial middlemen and took the matter into their own hands!

With no middlemen involved in the process, the Artisan’s Loans carry 0% interest.

Yes – artisans will not be charged any interest. This revolutionary concept is possible only because Novica has offices in developing nations working directly with artisans and fulfilling customer orders. Now, Novica’s offices will also serve as disbursement centers for Artisan Loans, providing artisans access to the credit that they need to grow. It’s a very exciting time.

The micro finance program is crucial to helping artisans attain funds in order to expand their crafts and workmanship.

There are a few artists from Africa that are currently involved in the micro finance program, such as Chief Carver Nana Frimpong.

Nana Frimpong was in need of more raw materials and to purchase a wood cutting machine. Nana also employs several workers, which he feels solely responsible to keep them employed.

Nana Frimpong’s loan request was for $1,000, this loan request has recently been fully funded.

A detailed list of the current microfinance loans can be found here at Novica’s Micro finance List
The list also allows people to see who has helped in funding that particular artist.

View artists from Africa, Bali, Brazil, Andes.

Even a small loan makes a great difference, helping an artist achieve the vision they have for their business and their future.

Go check out the artists and the wonderful range of beautiful products.

I have personally purchased from Novica. A set of 6 Amethyst blown glass goblets by Javier and Efrén, from Mexico.
I’m almost to scared to use them, they are so beautiful.
Fantastic work.

Well done Novica!

All the best

Tania Bale
African Art Online

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