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Elephant Webcam

Visit the Webcam see Elephants LIVE in the Middle of Africa

This is one of the best sites to view live African Elephants in their own habitat.

Herds of Elephants come to the watering hole in Northern Botswana to bath and drink.

The sounds of the African savannah is tranquil

The date and time is in South Africa which is GMT +2. (Rough estimates on time - USA is 6 hours behind us, Australia is 8 hours ahead. UK / Europe is 2 hours behind

Most active time for elephant at the water hole is 11:00 am to 3:00 pm but you will be able to see many other animals at different times of the day. A night light has been installed so there is 24 hour viewing

I have viewed Lion, Gazelle, Water Buck, numerous herds of Elephants, different species of birds and Zebra.

Personally I could watch this all day :)

Here’s the link again, be sure to check back often to see what’s going on at the watering hole.


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