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Traveling to Morocco

Morocco – A Country of Culture and Art 

Morocco is a magnificent country and it is steeped in rich culture and tradition. Many travel to Morocco to sample all of its delights which are diverse and plentiful. The arts and crafts available in Morocco reflect these traditions and the culture it has managed to keep for so many years.

When you travel to Morocco you will see in there potter and crafts that they use a variety of bold colors and bright patterns, even to this day the Moroccans use the same techniques, and the quality of produce has never been compromised. This is why the craftsman of Morocco are so highly honored all over the world.

A world famous craft is the widely known magic carpets, hand woven using fine materials and again capturing the tradition through the use of bright colors and patterns. Carpets originate in one of two different styles, based on the weaver’s Berber or Arabic roots. Carpets in the high-Islamic urban style, most closely associated with the city of Rabat, have a very high number of knots per square inch, and can take many months to complete. Outside Rabat, carpets are made by hundreds of Berber tribal groups. Each of these carpets is entirely unique, and covered with symbols of significance to the individual tribe.

Moroccans make both gold and silver jewelery; the designs are completed using a distinct Moroccan style. You will mainly find gold jewelery in the cities but silver is found all over. Jewelery is made in every form, including earrings, bracelets, necklaces and anklets. Some have semi precious stones. You will also come across many heavy solid bracelets with deeply etched designs.

Apart from Moroccan carpets, textiles and handicrafts, Morocco has also become well known for its Moroccan pottery and art culture. This includes ceramics, sculptures and paintings. The three well known regions are Safi, Fez, and Meknes, all near the capital of Rabat. Within each region is its own style and color schemes and it is argued that the best pottery comes from Safi as it is here where artistic flavor has had centuries to be perfected. Ceramic tagines and water jugs have become hot tourist items and have thus increased the demand and production. The pottery on display in certain regions tells a story about the influences of that area. The pottery of Safi, for example, comes from Andalusia because of its shiny, almost metallic look. You will find the pottery of Fez and Safi are closely related. But, pottery in Fez tends to be brown, yellow, and even green on a white background. Meknes, which adopted methods of pottery making from Fez, has the famous metallic-green pottery that is on display in many artistic institutions across Morocco.

When you travel to Morocco you will be sure to find items that you can bring home as a memory of your Moroccan holiday. In each city you may visit you are bound to find a style, color and type that will suit your own personal preferences. Take your pick of any authentic souvenir which will remind you of your time in this magnificent country.

Enjoy your travels to Morocco.

Happy and Safe Travels.
Tania Bale
African Art Online


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