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LivLife Needs Your Help

This is an urgent appeal.

Never have we needed your help as much as we do now. We need you to read this post, we need you to share it and if you can, we really need you to donate.

Since 2005 we have taught over 5,000 people at our three education centres in Tanzania. 5,000 people from the poorest families in the World.

We have taught adults to read, we have taught them how to count. We have taught them English, we have taught them how to use a computer.

We have taught them how to be tailors, we have helped them set up their own businesses. We have given children the best start in life at our three kindergartens where we currently teach, and feed, 160 children every day. For some, the meal we give them is the only one they receive that day.

We are unique in Tanzania. There is no-one like us.

We have helped these 5,000 people change their lives. They are the ones that have told us what they need, they are the ones that have studied so hard, they are the ones who have completed courses, that have started their own businesses, that have got jobs. We have just been there to help, support, listen and teach. And now these 5,000 can get themselves out of poverty. It’s a hand up, not a hand out. It’s the LivLife way.

As with other charities, LivLife has found the past few years very difficult with funding in short supply. Very sadly, the courses and services we offer free of charge in Tanzania are at risk of being cut. We urgently need new, regular donors to make sure this doesn’t happen.

We appreciate that times are hard for all of us, but please, please, if you can, visit and sign up to be a regular donor. Whether you can give £5, £10, £20 or £50 a month, it all helps. It costs us £2,500 a month in total to run our three centres, do all this and more. We think that’s pretty good value.

You can help. We know it sounds corny, but you actually can change a life by giving to us. In fact you can be part of changing 5,000 more lives. All for a few quid a month. Better value than a pint or two.

Please share this, spread the word. Tell your family and friends what a valuable cause this is, get them to like our page and see if they can spare a few pounds a month.

Please, help us continue what we have started and be a part of this magnificent story. We don’t want to stop.

Thank you.
The LivLife team

I’m not knocking other charities, but I know for a fact Livlife is an amazing organization.
I’ve personally meet Max and Rox and the dedicated staff and some of the students that have graduated from this wonderful center. Livlife have expanded out into the outback from Meserani to provide more opportunities for the surrounding community. There is a Kindergarten, My children have hung out there and played in the play ground with such kind giving children. I could go on and on but the bottom line is they need your help to continue on with the amazing work at Livlife and the out reach center. I know times are tough, but I can give you my personal guarantee that every cent you can donate would go to providing more opportunities. 5,000 students WOW.
Please read Max’s story and if you could give a couple of bucks it would go a long way. Thanks and good work Livlife.

My daughter relaxing in a hammock at the LivLife center, that was made in the tailoring department.

Just follow this link if you would like to make a donation or to sign up as a regular donor.

Thanks for your help.

Kind regards

Tania Bale

African Art Online.Com

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