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Mesearni Snake Park Clinic, They Save Many Lives in Tanzania

The clinic here at Meserani Snake Park treats over 15 hundred patients per month all FREE of charge. They come from far and wide.
They treat everyone from your common cold to more serious issues such as snake bite victims and serious burns. You name it they fix it.
More often than not if a patient has been sent to the local hospital regarding anything snake related, they will send the patient to the snake park clinic, it is more equipped to deal with these issues and has all the anti-venom on hand.
All the proceeds from the Maasai Cultural Museum go to fund the clinic, as well as visitors that visit the park and drink in the bar. 
At the moment there is a boy here around 15 years of age. He  was herding his cows, a buffalo charged him and caught the inside of his leg and crushed all the bones in the leg. They had to amputate his leg from the knee down. He is very lucky to be alive, they think the reason he survived, was because he had some dogs with him and they distracted the buffalo.
The snake park are in the process of getting him a prosthetic leg.
The girls and myself went to visit him the other day and took him a nice cold soda. He was ever so grateful.
While we where there the nurse showed him a video of other people around the world that have had limbs removed and how they can still lead a very active life. He was so happy after watching the video, big smiles on his face. What a brave young man.
Downstairs in the clinic is a men’s ward and a ladies ward each with it’s own en suite and Television. There is 2 exam rooms, equipped with everything you could imagine. Upstairs is a flat for volunteer doctors and nurses to stay and help in the clinic.
A lot of the medical supplies are donated from overseas which help a lot.
I’m not joking when I say they have saved many, many lives here. If your visiting the snake park at any time your more than welcome to visit the clinic. They really do a fabulous job caring for their patients. Your in good hands at the snake park!! :)
Tania Bale

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