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Mt Meru Game Sanctuary Tanzania

Mt Meru Game Sanctuary is a special place. One our family always enjoys.

Visit the Animal Sanctuary - a rehabilitation centre for injured & orphaned game, you are more than likely to encounter the Blue Monkey and Columbus Monkey’s swinging in the trees.

A vast variety of bird life inhabit enormous old mango trees, other wildlife found here includes eland, ostriches, waterbuck, zebra, porcupine, tortoise, and crocodile.

The sanctuary is set within 33 acres of gardens, alongside the Usa River, with views of Kilimanjaro & Mount Meru.

Mount Meru Game Lodge & Sanctuary has a large traditional dining room where delicious meals are served by attentive staff. Meals are also often served on the green lawns under the mango trees, watch out for the cheeky Monkey’s, they may decide to join you for lunch!

My delicious lunch, Garlic fish, served with a green salad and rice. Yumo.

The cosy lounge and bar area is a good place to relax with a drink.

Each room also has a veranda with comfortable chairs where you can sit during the late afternoons enjoying the peaceful surroundings and watching the animal and bird life.

Our Sunday afternoon at Mt Meru Game Sanctuary turned out to be quite a comical event, a close up encounter with a Blue Monkey is enough to put a smile on your dial.

"Hello I’m a cheeky blue monkey".

"Hmm what’s in here"?

"That looks tasty".

"Can they see me"!!

"Nope they can’t see me".

"What, is that it"!!!

"Oh wait there is more, nom, nom".

Our wee Monkey was totally relaxed by our presence. Not a care in the world. But very cheeky!!.

My girls patting the Eland. This photo was taken on a different trip to the lodge back in 2011.

How cute is this porcupine.

I highly recommend Mt Meru Lodge a place to visit, relax and unwind, whether your starting or finishing your safari adventure.

Regards to you all

Tania Bale

African Art Online.Com