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African Jewelry Hand Made Jewelry

African Necklaces, Handmade in Arusha, East Africa.

This beautiful collection of handmade jewelry is crafted by the Massai women’s market in Meserani, East Africa.

Here’s is their story on how and why they decided to form an all women’s Maasai market.They started out with around 12 Maasai huts, now there are 17 Maasai craft huts

Massai jewelry is worn not only for ceremonial wear, but can be worn as stylish fashionable pieces.

Our African necklace designs include, Amatite, glass beads, ebony, colored beads, silk cloth and kanga a traditional fabric worn by the local Tanzanian women.

A beautifully hand crafted African Amatite necklace. Triple strand, mixed with blue glass beads. Gold screw clasp. Length: 37cm

Amatite name given in the gem trade to a variety of fiorite, a type of opal, that forms in thick mounds from hot, silica-rich springs.

A delicate 5 strand hand crafted Ebony and colored bead necklace. Gold Clasp. Hand crafted at Meserani, East Africa. Length: 34cm Mutli colored beads that compliment the beautuful ebony.

Stunning African Kanga Necklace. Kanga is a fabric that the African Mama’s wear Hand made from recycled glass.

The glass is crushed to a fine powder, then baked in molds in a fired kiln oven.

This necklace was hand crafted by a group of  challenged people in Arusha, East Africa.

To read more about the Shanga group please visit this link

Color Fabric: Brown Cream and Orange

Color Beads: Brown and Bronze

Adjustable length.

To view our stunning collection of African jewelry, please follow this link

Compliment your wardrobe and add a few pieces of fine African hand made jewelry.


Tania Bale

African Art Online.Com