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Tingatinga Art

Tingatinga Art is primarily produced and sold in Tanzania. Although some artists are traveling and starting to take their art further a field.

It all started with a man called Eduardo Saidi Tingatinga, born in 1932 in a Namochelia village (which does not exist today). It was near Mindu and Nakapanya village, ca 70 km east of Tunduru town.

Eduardo Saidi Tingatinga was a self taught painter, with only 4 years of primary school education. He was just starting to receive recognition for his square board-paintings, when his life was cut short in 1972, he was mistaken for a fleeing thief and fatally shot by the police. Before he died he started to attracted young followers wanting to imitate his style. Today Tingatinga thrives. You will never see massed produced Tingatinga Art.

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Tania Bale

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