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Tinga Tinga Tales Why Does An Elephant Have A Trunk?

Have you often wondered why the Elephant has a long trunk, or why a Tortoise has a broken shell… a pre-school series, Tinga Tinga Tales reveals all.

Each film will be told in a traditional storytelling way of how the animal came to be.

52 x 11 minute episodes released in February 2010, on the television network Cbeebies UK. Produced on location in Kenya by Tiger Aspect Productions in conjunction with Homeboyz Entertainment, the show draws upon the inspiring talent of local artists and musicians and is expertly computer-animated using beautiful, hand-painted imagery.

50 African animators, illustrators, artists, designers, editors, audio technicians, production staff and musicians have bought a show together called Tinga Tinga Tales.

African Tinagtinga Art is primarily produced and sold from East Africa. The artist often paints bright, vibrant folk like animated animals. Tinga Tinga artwork originated from African artist Eduardo Saidi Tingatinga in 1960 in Tanzania. Eduardo Saidi Tingatinga was a self taught painter, with only 4 years of primary school education. He was just starting to receive recognition for his square board-paintings, when his life was cut short in 1972, Eduardo was mistaken for a fleeing thief and fatally shot by the police. Before he died he started to attracted young followers wanting to imitate his style.

That’s when the Tingtinga Arts Co-Operative Society was formed. (TACS) The Tingatinga Arts Co-operative Society in Dar es Salaam was the visual inspiration for Tinga Tinga Tales. Members of TACS have taught many artists who have gone on to become recognized masters in their field. Some painters have moved to other parts of Tanzania and even abroad. No matter where these artists reside they remain linked to each other and to their homeland by family, friendship and, of course, their beautiful artwork. Traditional Tingatinga Art is painted using bright enamel bicycle paint, making these paintings extremely hardy to last a life time. Tingatinga Art is extremely popular with tourists becoming commonly known as “Airport Art”

Children will be fascinated of how the animals came to be. Tingatinga Tales is an education filled with laughter and joy.

P.S. Suitable for the whole family.

All the best
Tania Bale
African Art Online.Com

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