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Words of Appreciation Dedicated to Meserani Snake Park

This project work is dedicated to Mr. BJ for his kind filled heart for making Meserani Snake Park a home for us and all other university students who wished to conduct their practical training in the snake park.

This is project is to show you that we appreciate the chance you have offered us, hopeful this work will be useful to you in advertising Meserani snake park all over the world as it is surely a place with unique attraction, for me its a splendid deposit of culture and nature all mixed up together magnificent way that can blow hearts away with joy that they have experience the view of reptiles like no other and understanding maasai culture that deep to the extent of feeling part of it.

For we have seen how hard you work in helping the local people fight against poverty, ignorance and diseases. You inspires us a lot BJ for the lives that you have touched in million numbers of way. The most inspiring part is when you have empowered women as their the main pillar in society development, We promise to be a good ambassadors of Meserani snake park..

Cheers to you for what you have achieved and best of luck for the upcoming achievements. We will forever be honored for the chance you have given us.

Words of appreciation from Erca G. Uisso, A University Student from Dodoma.

Kind  regards

Tania Bale
African Art Online.Com

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