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Hand Blown Glasses


Shanga is one of life’s small and heartwarming success stories. In 2007 Saskia Rechsteiner made some necklaces for a Christmas Fair in Arusha, and now Shanga employs 42 disabled Tanzanian people. When I first visited there back in 2009, they employed 15 staff.  Shanga has the River House Restaurant, (scrumptious food) and exceptional service. Plus the Shanga Shop – all located on one of Tanzania’s oldest and prettiest coffee estates. All income from the Shanga workshop, restaurant and shop sales goes towards employing more disabled people – the waiting list for jobs is endless. At Shanga they learn together – how to make unique, fabulous and high quality products from recycled materials in a positive environment that respects people of all kinds.”

Shanga Shangaa was founded as a for-profit company to create a community that would support and empower those Tanzanians who have been marginalized by their disabilities. By providing an open and safe environment, disabled Tanzanians are able to realize their potential, develop new skills, build relationships based on respect and improve their own lives. Using recycled materials and producing at a sustainable level allows Shanga Shangaa to continue to expand and offer these opportunities far into the future.

Shanga has just launched their glass blown collection. The pieces are all made from recycled bottles. The collection consists of unique wine glass, brandy glasses, champagne glasses, coffee mugs, bowls of all shapes and forms and jugs. They come in a variety of different colors.

The wine glasses displayed in this photograph have intricate detailed bead work on the stem of the glass.

Shanga is located on Burka Coffee Estates, next to Tanapa on the Dodoma Rd.

Naturally I had to indulge and snap up a pair of these divine wine glasses for myself :) Nice addition to my glass collection, with such a great story to tell while sipping a nice Sauvignon Blanc. Cheers :)

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